The information held by the BOO WATSON comprises correspondence and internet client records relating to information on our website and course enrolment and Inforamation. This may include but by no means limited to names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, occupation and date of birth.

The information is secured on a database and within a secure website, and is not available for any secondary purpose. This includes non-disclosure of any client information and a prohibition on the passing on or selling of any personal data without your permission.

Staff involved in the mailing and emailing administrative tasks use the information on a day-to-day basis as an intrinsic part of BOO WATSON’s operation. The information is updated as required. Students wishing to have their information deleted from the student database are treated with respect and their wishes are carried out.

Hardcopy printouts or electronic files from the student database are destroyed or securely archived depending on legal requirements.


We, at the Boo Watson, know that privacy is important to you. This privacy policy reflects our respect for your privacy rights. This policy describes how we will deal with personally identifiable information that we collect or hold in accordance with the Privacy Act.


When we talk about personal information, we mean information or an opinion about an individual where you can tell or reasonably work out who the information or opinion is about.


We will only collect personal information about you that is relevant to our organisation . This may include general information such as your name, e-mail address, contact details and computers IP address.

You can generally visit our website without revealing who you are or other personal information. Where reasonably possible, personal information is only collected when you knowingly provide it. For example, we may need to collect such information to provide you with information or a service you have requested.

Our purpose for collecting personal information should be clear when we collect it. If you are uncertain, please contact us at the address below.