This 1 day experience will change how you feel about life, dating, and attracting the right man. We will transform you into an incredibly irresistible woman, magnetic in life and love!

 Message from Me

Boo tell you how to attract the right man

Hi, I'm Boo. People often ask me, what is a  "Man Magnet" and why would I want to be one? I don't want to attract every man, that's a bit scary and overwhelming.

Well, being a man magnet isn't what you think; it's about having a fun-loving, irresistible attitude that shines through any crowd. Not only will your love life flourish, the magic will start happening in other areas of your life, too.

I went from shy child to charismatic woman and I'm here to share the magic of how I did it with you. So join me and let's show the world (and men), what an amazing woman you are.


  • MAKE DATING EASY AND FUN - Does dating scare you? Or maybe you feel overwhelmed, and just don't know where to start? We are here to help, by making it fun and easy for you to meet a man. We give you insight into where to meet the right man, and how to get their attention so they ask YOU out on a date.
  • BE THE BEST YOU AND SHOW IT TO THE WORLD - And by “world”, I mean men. If they can’t see how funny you are because your shyness overshadows that, or your warmth is hidden under a pound of make-up, then I can help take away those roadblocks. By the end of this amazing experience you will “Know How to Glow”and attract the right man into your life.
  • MAKE AMAZING FRIENDS - be part of the "Boo Single Sisterhood."
  • BUT MOST OF ALL there will be FUN, LAUGHTER and GREAT MEMORIES of the day and night which you can share with your friends and family.

Feminine Power

Mastering Casual Conversations

Building Confidence

Creating Connections

Art of Flirting

Mastering Emotional Attachment After Sex

Body Language

Conquering  Communication

Dating Optimism

Building a Sexy Style

Being Happy and Fun

 And lots more


Man Magnet -Class room learning

“Navigate the Dating World" and "Master Man Magnetism”

The first part of the day is fun, interactive classroom-based learning. We cover:

  • Dating World Navigation - how to navigate the dating world both online and offline. Know where to meet the right guys. 
  • Getting Your Glow On - we remove all barriers and make it supremely easy for men to see the very best version of you.  We teach you the skills needed to understand and attract men any time and anywhere.
Man Magnet Practice

“Fun in the Field,” "Graduation” and "Girls' Night Out"

The second part of the day is about practising what we preach.

  • Day Man Magnet – Team up with your Single Sister and go out into the field to practice your skills.
  • Graduation and Girls' Night Out – We graduate and welcome you to the Boo Single Sisterhood for all things good. We get ready to go out on the town and practice our “Man Magnet by Night” skills.


  • FUN-TASTIC DAY OF LEARNING how to attract men and, more importantly, have fun while finding "The One."
  • PRIVATE FACEBOOK FORUM to interact with your SINGLE SISTERHOOD so we can share the love and success after the day is finished.
  • ONLINE ACCESS to a video recording of the day so you can watch it over and over and see what you have missed. This will be available for 7 days after the workshop.
  • COMPLIMENTARY MAKEOVER  for the "Girls' Night Out."
  • ALL ABOUT YOU PHOTOSHOOT capturing professional photos of the "better you" that you can use on your online dating profile and share with family and friends.

PLUS 2 Free Bonus Offers

  • ASSESSMENT OF YOUR IMAGE - prior to the workshop send me 3 photos. During the day we will talk in detail about your body language and clothing style, and what those two things are saying to men about you. This is really important. You only have one chance to make a great first impression!
  • LIST OF 10 BEST PLACES IN SYDNEY TO MEET MEN -  places that match your unique goals, personality, lifestyle and skill set. Not from Sydney? I’ll do the necessary reconnaissance work for you (even if I haven't been to your city!)

This transformational workshop is AUD$89

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