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Smart, driven and damn good at what you do work wise but there is something missing...

MAYBE it’s sharing special moments with a significant other?

MAYBE it’s actually enjoying the dating world and all it has to offer?

MAYBE it’s being able to approach someone you fancy and ask them out?

Whatever the “MAYBE,” you know it’s missing and you want it in your life.

Boo Help you find love

I’m passionate about helping men and women reach their relationship and dating goals. I've spent a lifetime in the “School of Dating and Relationship Hard-Knocks," and learnt the hard way what not to do.
This propelled me to find “the ultimate solutions” and I became the “Dating Detective” - I spent weekends investigating the best solutions and what really works, hours reading books, attending seminars, and relentlessly speaking to people who succeeded in the relationship realm.
I've put this knowledge to the test and perfected my skills and experience which I would love to share with you.

Work Together to Find Love


Together we can make your life a wonderland of dating, love and fun. Here’s my simple formula for success:

You + Me = Dating/Relationship Success (and lots of fun on the way!)


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